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In 2017, Gartner defined the public cloud infrastructure MSP as a service provider that provides hosted and professional services related to infrastructure and platform operations. MSP must target one or more ultra-large IaaS or PaaS providers, and must be also capable of optimizing the service.


The services provided by large public cloud manufacturers do not make it easy for ordinary enterprises to use them on their own, and the use of these tools requires professional skills. Most companies need a MSP to take full advantage of their ultra-large cloud platforms / infrastructure. Therefore, Gartner believes that MSP is a prerequisite for enterprises to ensure the success of cloud computing.


ECCOM, as an MSP service provider, currently provides a series of professional services such as consulting, migration, security hosting and optimization for customers' public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud and traditional IT infrastructure. We are your trusted partner in the process of digital transformation.



ECCOM provides customers with public cloud services for the full lifecycle of digital transformation.

● Consulting design

Through POC and other practical schemes, ECCOM enables enterprises to understand the characteristics of public cloud, make selection decisions, and build a series of solutions based on public cloud research and development, testing, release, monitoring, operation and maintenance and so on. Meanwhile, in such aspects as resource allocation, organizational structure and process specification, ECCOM makes good preparation for the subsequent migration implementation. Furthermore, on the basis of detailed sorting and evaluation of existing and future applications, ECCOM formulates a detailed deployment and migration plan, and carries out necessary verification testing and improvement.

● Deployment and migration

ECCOM determines the scheme according to the consulting design, plans to carry out the deployment and migration of the applications, and confirms the feasibility of the scheme in the process of implementation, finds and reduces the risk, and provides a reference for the subsequent continuous optimization. Accordingly, ECCOM will provide the implementation of public cloud standardization resources which are not tightly coupled with the applications, and meet the specific needs that public cloud standardization resources cannot meet, and implement the relevant public cloud infrastructure in cooperation with application operators or suppliers / service providers.

● Architecture optimization

With the feedback of operation and maintenance practices in the public cloud environment, and combined with the public cloud function iteration upgrade, ECCOM continuously carries out iterative optimization in such aspects as infrastructure, software architecture, automation and intelligent operation and maintenance and security reinforcement, and promotes the construction of the cloud native applications and the digital transformation of the business.

● Hosted Services

Customers can choose to carry out the management of public cloud account and authorization by themselves, and can also deliver it to ECCOM for hosting and carry out the account and authorization management based on the best practices。 The monitoring of public cloud resources generally requires the integration of the relevant standardized services of the public cloud and the monitoring technology stack of the enterprises themselves, and also needs to be combined with the bill and the cost, the assets and the allocation management。 ECCOM makes full use of the resource architecture and service characteristics of public cloud, protects the data security and service availability of customers, and maximizes the system reliability。 In addition, ECCOM conducts complementary optimization to the standardized support system of public cloud to meet the customer's specific service needs。


As MSP, ECCOM has the following advantages:

● CMP platform independently researched and developed by ECCOM is convenient for customers to manage resource and optimize costs;

● ECCOM has complete ITIL methodology and mature IT service system and organization;

● Professional service team shall provide customers with top-level professional knowledge and services;

● National and overseas branches provide customers with global services and support abroad business for domestic enterprises;

● Supporting AWS/ AZURE/ ALI and other international mainstream of public cloud resources;

● Having mature private cloud technical capacity and there are many private cloud and hybrid cloud cases。


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ECCOM will provide you with public cloud lifecycle services from planning, deployment to operation and maintenance 

ECCOM  Public Cloud Solution




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